FBC Family:

We want to continue to be mindful that the last thing any of us want for our church, our community, and our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ is to put anyone in unnecessary harm's way.  We ask that you please respect others around you while maintaining a spirit of worship and praise.  In so that we are able to meet together please review these guidelines:

  • Families or those attending church together may sit together, but non-family members need to be 6 feet apart from the next family
  • Every other pew must remain empty 
  • Congregation members over the age of 65 are encouraged to continue to watch online; if they wish to come they are encouraged to wear a mask
  • During this time we will not have a communal welcome and greeting 
  • During this time we will receive offerings at the end of the service by placing tithes in the plates as you exit
  • Guest Cards will be collected at the time of exit by ushers by placing the cards in the offering plate
  • All pew Bibles and Hymnals have been removed to facilitate the sanitation of the pews and to elevate the use of one book by multiple congregants, please note all passages and lyrics will be available on the screen
  • We will continue to live stream the entire Sunday morning service at fbcrogers.live or on our website, youtube, or Facebook channels
  • We will continue to have regular office hours Monday - Thursday from 9 am to 1 pm
  • We will continue to accept tithes and offerings online, in person, by mail, or by drop off during the week


We will meet in the auditorium for Sunday morning services @ 11:00 am

*Wednesday Night Family Meals tentatively starting September 30th

*Children's Church tentatively starting October 4th 

*Sunday Morning Discipleship Classes tentatively starting October 4th 

*CYC Wednesday Evenings tentatively starting October 28th

*No Sunday Evening activities at this time   


We will continuously evaluate and bring other activities online with our ultimate goal of reaching our community for Christ while keeping everyone safe.   

Keep up-to-date at all times by visiting this website