The Need

Here at FBC Rogers, some basic updates are needed as we grow with our community. Some of these include general things such as lighting, projection, and sound maintenance for our services.
In order to better reach the souls of our growing town, we also need to keep up and grow our internet presence. This includes networking, web site updates, and nitty-gritty details such as new software and licens-ing that make an internet presence possible.
We also want to add some new aspects to Bible study for Sunday School. Many new studies use video as part of their material. In order to expand our knowledge of GOD’s word, we aim to put TV monitors in classrooms where these studies will be taught.
Of course, this all costs money. “Light Up the Fu-ture” is a campaign that aims to set us up as church that can reach a multitude of people here in Rogers and the surrounding area; preparing to share the wonderful truth of Jesus and the Gospel on into the future!

The Goal

 Raise Funding to complete the project
 Avoid obtaining loans to fund
 Pledges made by Feb. 1
 Full funding by June, 30
 Complete project as soon as possible

The Plan

To get the ball rolling in this new year, we will start the process by using funds already on hand, and gifts from the Harvest Day Offering. By committing to $30,000 in pledges, we will re-place our reserve funds in six months. However, to take FBC Rogers to the next level God has planned for us, we need your help. This is where your pledge is critical

How to Help

It’s easy! All you have to do is place this pledge either in the offering plate along with your tithe, or in the church office.
Need more time? We understand! That’s why we set up a way to pledge online at